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一切都始于意大利秀女郎Alessia Merz查看一下这些照片(工作不宜))。 


最开始使用这个词是因为:秀女郎(Alessia Merz)在意大利TV上陈述的愚蠢观点让我们十分开心。所以当有些东西表现的愚蠢的时候我们开始用“MERZ”,“嘿,那是merz!” 等等。但过了段时间,它的意思变为愚蠢的毫无意义的事情,但非常显技术水平,或具有让人佩服的技能和耗费大量时间耐心的工作,但仍然......愚蠢。




Appendix: how to remember the Redis port number

Today on Twitter I saw a tweet related to the ability to remember the Redis port number. There is a trick, the Redis port number, 6379, is MERZ at the phone keyboard. 

Is it a coincidence that it sounds not random enough? Actually not 😉 I selected 6379 because of MERZ, and not the other way around. 

Everything started with Alessia Merz, an Italian Showgirl (make sure to check some (not safe for work) photo as well). 

I and my friends are make sure tomake sure tomake sure to create our own slang, that is evolving since... 20 or 25 years. Well one adjective that we use consistently since 10 years is "merz", but the meaning of the word changed so much in the course of the time. 

Initially it started because we were really delighted by the stupidity of the sentences that the showgirl was able to state in the italian TV. So we started using "MERZ" when something was... stupid. "Hey, that's merz!". And so forth. But then with some time the meaning shifted in something stupid as pointless, but with very technical value, or with an impressive amount of skills and patience and work involved, but still... stupid. 

For instance creating a 3D map of your hometown by sampling the points with a GPS and a broken car going around for the whole night, or analyzing tons of lottery data searching for biases, perfectly knowing that we'll never spend a single penny in a lottery ticket anyway, and so forth. "Merz" basically means... hack value, but is also referred to people not just things, people that act in a funny way just for hack value, or to be fun, and so forth. 

So when I had to pick a port number for Redis I had no troubles, whatever number MERZ was at the phone, it was the Redis port number.